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Ryuichi Sakuma - Lead singer for Nittle Grasper
1 April
Tokyo, Japan
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Wednesdy, September 27th, 2006CE

KONNICHIWA! I sing for Nittle Grasper! I LOVE to sing, I'm really good at it! I have my best friends, Kumagoro, Noriko-chan and Tohma, and I like to eat ice cream and color! My favorite color is royal blue, the same color as my eyes, or at least that's what Nori-chan tells me, since I can't see my eyes unless I use a mirror! I can't think of anything else right I'll get back to you when I do!

Ryuichi Sakuma

[Much thanks to Atratus for making many of these icons and Ikuyona for making the moodthemes and letting me use them! You both RAWK!]
Age: 31 (1)
Birthdate: April 1st
Blood Type: B
Western Zodiac: Aries
Eastern Zodiac: ?
Height: (manga) 165cm / 5'4"
Weight: 53kg / 117 lbs
Hair: Greenish Brown
Eyes: Royal Blue
Favorite Food: Soft serve ice cream

Random Facts: (1)
» Loves snacks and soft-serve ice cream
» Loves singing and Nittle Grasper
» Speaks English better than Japanese
» Can only write the kanji for 'horse'
» Has four piercing on his left ear

Vocalist for the legendary band, Nittle Grasper. Can't write in Kanji and feels stupid for not speaking his mind on things. He is bad at Japanese (especially vague characters), English is his strong point.

Ryuichi was the vocalist for the legendary band Nittle Grasper, along with Noriko Ukai and Tohma Seguchi. However, they disbanded three years ago and Ryuichi went to America to persue a solo career. There he met Mr K (Crawd Winchester) who became his manager. Later on, he returned to Japan where Nittle Grasper regrouped and caused rivalry for Schuichi's band, Bad Luck. Tatsuha Uesugi, is obsessed with him.(2)

Most of the time Ryuichi looks and acts like a little boy but once he starts singing, he changes into a totally cool guy. He's bad at Japanese but good at english. He's nice to everyone. Even when Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper were up as rivals, he still treated Shuichi as a friend and helped him out a lot. He could be seen as a little naive but that's why he's so sweet.(2)

Information borrowed from these sites: [The ones I managed to find so far, that is!]
(1) [Dirty Little Secret]
(2) [Ryuichi Sakuma-Dedication]

*Some of this information was borrowed from other die-hard fans from various fanshrines.
When I remember the rest, I'll credit them. I'll eventually refind them, and list their sites so that Sakuma Ryuichi fans can go there themselves!

Official notice! Unless credited, all songs stated as written by "Sakuma Ryuichi" are actually written by the character's player, PLEASE don't take them without permission! Thanks! ^_^

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