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May 14th, 2010

Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.
Want Sleep NAOW!


December 14th, 2009

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Kumagoro_beam_to_the_ DOME!!!
I'm going to do it.

I'm going to begin posting the most difficult story I've ever written.

It caused me to take my most favorite anime/manga character of all time, the one that I identify with so much, The one I have so many similarities with in so many ways; destroy and then rebuild him, the rebuilding which I'm in the process of doing.

So why am I afraid to post it?

Its not like anyone will read it...or review it.


If only I was a better writer.

Maybe I should go back to songwriting.

Its not like I can sing, so no one can hear how terrible I write.

I think I'll go to bed now. I have to figure out what to have happen next.

Maybe I'll have him beat to a bloody pulp.

11:04am Edit: Naw, been there, done that, had the 8 month Writer's Block to prove it. I think I'll just....let whatever my fingers decide to write come out.


My fingers seem to know what's best anyway.


September 1st, 2009

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Ryuichi_and_Kuma_ happy_byAtratus
I had another accident two nights ago with Ryuichi....*sigh*

He had taken a HARD faceplant last month onto the 100+ hard-ass brick road that makes up part of my driveway that also broke off two of his fingers from his left hand, the hardest one he had taken EVER.

I cried when he got hurt, and I'm NOT the crying type.

The last time I did so was two years ago at my 22 year old niece's funeral.

Both of his heads were gifts, his normal Shiwoo head (kawaii mode) from K-san and his dreaming Shiwoo head (serious mode) from Shuichi, both people are from the Gravitation RP we're all in here on DoA.*

I worked six days a week for months to be able to get his body and still pay the bills once I found a MP buyer that was willing to work with me and take layaway.

Luckily his dreaming head came straight from Luts and also came with the same #4 hands in NS so that was no worry. His heads can't just be replaced. Not in my heart. They're priceless to me.

I found out that resin has "a memory" [Doumo arigato ZennoSaji from DoA who PMed me after reading my plight!]and could possibly pop out the dent in his nose by steaming, so I tried it. It did, but not all the way, so I sanded it, and his forehead and got out the dirt and the dents completely. He has a slight discoloration in his forehead now.

When I finished sanding, of course there was a spot of his sealant gone from both his nose and his forehead, so I sprayed Testors on it to re-seal it.

But...I wanted to protect his eyes and mouth, so I used that blue tape that painters use for spots that they don't want painted.

BIG mistake

That blue tape has a solvent on it that took off parts of his eyebrows and lips, the parts I was trying to save!!!! I didn't know until after the fact about the solvent, not until Gennifer told me.


I flipped for a moment. I couldn't talk. I think my brain momentarily fell out my head.

I frantically txed Gennifer, my artist friend and explained, and asked her to bring over her colored pencils, and pastels and everything. She did, and I cleaned off his serious head from the pencil eyebrows I had lamely drawn earlier in the day, so that Gen could use it as a practice head for painting. It came out beautifully, once we both figured out the texture and whatnot as to how resin reacts and did some research on doing faceups.

Like I told Gen, its not difficult to do faceeups once you get used to working with resin, I'm just not artistic enough to do it, nor do I have the color pencils and pastels. [and the patience and talent.]

So I completely wiped Ryuichi's kawaii!head of its factory Shiwoo faceup. He looked so trusting, like "I KNOW you're going to make me look cool, right?"

I sealed it twice with Testors before we started. (I'll eventually have to get some MSC) This time he'll have the correct color eyebrows and darker eyelashes and everything to make my Sexy Rock God look like he should.

Like he does in my head.

I'm even going to attempt to replace the eyelashes.

Unartistically-talented, writer/lyricist me.

In the meantime, Ryuichi's serious head has the beginnings of a faceup!

I'll have something to do today to help. I'm they spray person and researcher since I know how DoA's search engine works, and Gen's the faceup artist.

In the meantime, while doing Ryuichi's face and looking at the Luts site at the Shiwoo on it and working on both heads, she's fallen in love with Ryuichi, and is now thinking of starting to save for a BJD for her OC!

So, happy ending all around! Ryuichi gets both of his heads done in the right colors and the way they're supposed to look, Gen now wants a BJD, and I get to become even closer to Ryuichi by having to help with both of his heads' faceups and [attempting to *facepalm*] put in eyelashes!

I need to find a tutorial on how to put in human eyelashes, I have a old set of super-thick black ones left over from a few Halloweens ago when they went on sale. I hope I can get them to look okay.

I'd love to show everyone, but photobucket got rid of its old uploader, my ancient laptop can't handle photobucket's newer one.

Any ideas as to another photoservice that does something similar to the old uploader? I took pics, but I'd be here all day adding them all to my pb account, and I can't seem to get it to do more than one pic at a time.

InuYasha's truly impressed with his faceup so far too and he's hard to impress.

I can't wait until he's finished!


*Contact me if you want a link to the RP. Most of us are Gravitation fanfic writers, not only on gurabiteshiyon.net, but AFF and FFN and ficwad as well as here on LJ, so the RP goes the gamut of typical Gravitation goofiness, drama, sex and romance, except that its 18+ so we can go further than the manga, of course.

Gravitation: N-G started a couple years after the anime and the manga ended, timeline-wise. Its existed since 2006.

August 4th, 2009

This LJ account started out as a RP one for the very first online RP I had ever joined.

I've spiraled downwards from there. *laughs*

Now, I've been debating on creating a LJ account that's just BJD-related. And I was just encouraged by Bakayarou Onna.

Fuck, I forget about THIS account all the time, and its my personal one!

I DO post a LOT of pics of Ryuichi on DoA, but I can't post any more...ADULT pics like I want. And I checked out con-doll, and it seems to more or less be a dying site.

So where do I post the pics of Ryuichi and Tohma when I finally get him? And where do I go to host them?

Its beginning to look like they'll just be a private couple.


June 20th, 2009

Friends 4ever

Ryuichi_and_Kuma_ happy_byAtratus
Found this. ^_^


Arigato lawless523, courtesy of bakayaro_onna

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
I got this from lawless523, who I can also thank for not only jolting me back into wanting to write fanfiction after months of RPing, and avoiding working on my most difficult story to date but has become I like to think Gravitation: NG RPs only fan a friend.

I hope that we can truly become friends, Lawless523. Contact me anytime, about anything.

Music MemeCollapse )
I need to write.

Not just RP, but write.

Once again, I feel the need to satisfy only myself by working on the multichaptered Gravitation story I've been working on for over a year. How selfish is that?

Its one of the most difficult things I've ever written. No, THE most difficult.

I took my absolute favorite anime/manga character and destroyed him.

Turned him inside out and reversed him. And it hurt. A lot. It threw me into a Writers Block for 4 months.

I know I had to do it in order to explain him back to myself, but it still didn't feel nice. AT ALL.

Even if these reasons make no sense to anyone but myself.

Selfishly, I write for myself first, and then for others. This article have my fingers itching so bad that I can barely stand it. http://community.livejournal.com/gravi_muse_meet/580911.html

I've even been thinking about beginning the original work I outlined over a year ago. I've started contemplating on what the main characters look like.

I found someone that's willing to help me with the current reason I've been stuck in my fanfiction writing. I only need to contact him.

So why have I been so hesitant to do so?


January 15th, 2009

Rambling About My Dreads

Today, as I went to check my mail, my tail got caught in the doorhandle, and as I began to walk down the stairs, it yanked me back. Not hard, but it made me stop in mid-step when I felt the pull.

Normally, I just turn around, find out what its caught on, uncatch it, and go.

But for just a moment, for some reason, this time I actually thought, "Fucking thing, why do I even have it?"

For those that aren't familiar with my tail, I have one dreadlock that reaches my knees. Its wrapped in multicolored floss, to be undone the first day of October, let to breathe for a month, and rewrapped every November first, normally to be rewrapped by November 31th, in honor of the end of the Pagan old year and the beginning of the Pagan New Year. I'm Pagan, in case you didn't know.

This year, I still haven't finished wrapping it as of this writing.

I suck.

I've had my tail for almost 18 years now, and its something I'm normally very proud of having. Its the longest my hair has ever grown, and as a African/Native/Irish-American, my hair is perfect for Dreadlocks, thick, nappy and relatively unprocessed, except for the dyeing to keep it the red I love so much.

The roots of my hair now needs to be re-bleached and then re-dyed, but the rest of the dreads I have are now nipple length on me.

Normally, I'm proud of my hair. The dreads are for the most part strong, thick and relatively even.

But when my tail got caught in the door, I honestly thought of cutting it and the rest of the dreads off...just for an instant.

My hair grows back really slowly, I guess because its so thick...or because it breaks off every now and then. Idunno.

Either way, I'm not cutting them off. I've put too much energy, time and effort into them. I know that people say, "when you have a new beginning, you should cut off your old dreads and start new.

Unemployment is NOT a new beginning.

I guess I'm just not having a good day.


(no subject)


Your result for The RPG Class Test...


37% Combativeness, 27% Sneakiness, 62% Intellect, 39% Spirituality

Brilliant! You are a Wizard!

Wizards are spells-casters who study powerful arcane magic. While Wizards tend to be pretty fragile, some of those spells can pack quite a punch. Unlike Clerics, Wizards aren't as good at fixing people as they are at breaking them, so watch where you toss that fireball!

Your most distinctive trait is your intelligence. You're probably well learned and logical, if perhaps a bit fragile.

Take The RPG Class Test
at HelloQuizzy

Ryuichi, you're a WIZARD!

Maybe I shouldn't paraphrase JK Rowling, I hear she sues. DON'T SUE ME, I'm unemployed and broke! T_T

The fragile and breaking people part is wrong, but the rest I can see.


September 18th, 2008


I began writing a Gravitation fanfic a few months back, and for a while, it flowed.

But then, during the course of writing, I had to do something truly...horrible to my favorite character of all time, Sakuma Ryuichi. It was necessary for the story, but it hurt me to do so.

And so I ended up with a case of writer's block.


And now, I finally was able to work my way past it, and now the dilemma.

Should I have it so that Tohma's...assertive side comes forth? I know that in the story, he's only 17, but he's still the son of a powerful businessman. I'm pretty sure that it could be done, but the real question is, "SHOULD" it be done? I mean, he's only 17...

So now what do I do? Everyone else writes them, and they make it seem so easy, I try to write them, and it takes me months and months. ;_;

Maybe I should go back to writing one shots and drabbles...or attempting to.

Multichaptered fics are...[rewarding] so fucking difficult...*headdesk*

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